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Rumson's Grand Reserve Rum

Product Story

Rumson's Grand Reserve is the older sibling of their standard Rum (that is far from standard in the glass) being a blend of Rums ranging in age from five to 23 years in age. It's a big and sweet, old Rum that no doubt has massive appeal with spirits drinkers of all backgrounds. If pressed I may have to give a slight nod to their standard Rum but their Grand Reserve is so gorgeous it's hard to find a reason to stop sipping. In sum, you just can't go wrong with either of these beauties.

Brand Story

Rumson's can be easily summed up by the brand's slogan, "Life Lived, Life Enjoyed." All that is apparent with the Rumson's brand from their unique take on the Jolly Roger pirate's flag that features a silhouette of a boxer poised atop the iconic skull and crossbones. All of the Rumson's Rums are sourced from a single distillery in Trinidad and crafted by blending a selection of casks. Now that we are firmly in the midst of the distillery and spirits brand boom we are often left wondering why some of these new brands exist. There is no question at all regarding Rumson's as the spirit tells its own story and when you speak to cofounder Eric Glass you know that there is an abundance of passion behind the brand. We see a big future for Rumson's.

Tasting Note

Brilliant, crystal clear. The nose is filled with the sweet and decadent scents of brown sugar, butterscotch, vanilla, and brown baking spices with treacle, leather, cigar box, and rustic oak notes. The palate echoes the nose delivering a lush and sweet core of brown sugar and treacle with waves of spice, gingerbread, and sexy oak accents. Full-bodied and certainly sweet while never finishing heavy benefiting from a generous dose of spice and just enough acidity to keep it vibrant.

How to Serve

This beautiful old Rum is meant to be sipped neat or perhaps on the rocks. I, too, like it in cocktails as the rich, sweet core comes shining through in a tasty Rum Sidecar, a bold Mai Tai, or the heart of the best Dark & Stormy you have ever had.

Price: $ 45

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