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Dimmi Liquore de Milano Liqueur

Product Story

The base spirit is primarily made with organic winter wheat with a small portion of Grappa di Barolo. The clear spirit is infused with a complex blend of herbs, botanicals, and spices including licorice, vanilla, bitter orange, ginseng, rhubarb with apricot and peach flower blossoms. It's bottled at 70 proof and ready for sipping and cocktails.

Brand Story

Dimmi Liquore di Milano's special family recipe was first recorded by Ferdinando Martini in Torino in 1932. Dimmi is prime for a comeback in today's market where it is not required to put a spirit into a delimited category rather allowing a product to stand on its own.

Tasting Note

Brilliant, crystal clear. The nose is very aromatic offering scents of ripe fruits including lychee, peach, apricot, and golden melon supported by dried herbs, orange peel, anise, and vanilla. The palate echoes the nose delivering more dense fruit with a rising spice and herbal vein offering length, balance, and intrigue. Medium-bodied with layers of fruit, herb, and spice with just enough tart fruit and citrus notes to keep it balanced inviting the next sip.

How to Serve

The applications are broad and varying as it's a great aperitif when chilled and equally good after a meal. There is a rising interest in utilizing the unique flavors in cocktails as well.

Price: $ 34.99

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