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Run Riot Pinot Noir Central Coast 2014

Product Story

Run Riot is a wine brand with a point of view. They aim to make wines that are big and bold, eschewing all notions of subtlety and simply packing as much flavor and texture possible into a single bottle of wine. These wines will either thrill you or you may find that they are not your cup of tea. That's the point. The Run Riot Pinot is far from classical from its dense, dark color, to the rich black fruits and thick, supple tannins. There is no doubt that if you served it blind removing all hints to the varietal most every wine pro and drinker alike would be attracted by the lush, juicy fruit. That's how I chose to view this wine — simply as a red wine and I found it to be a beauty.

Brand Story

Run Riot is a different kind of wine brand. At present they offer just two expressions: Pinot Noir and Chardonnay both from California’s Central Coast. The goal is to create wines that are big, bold, and even brash. They have chosen the wild boar as their mascot – spirit animal. The rightly point out that winemakers hate wild boars as they are often a destructive menace breaking fences, rooting in the ground, and even eating the fruit right off the vine. Having come face to snout with a pack of wild boars in the Central Coast one night I can attest to their rebellious nature. The winemaking team consists of winemaker Matt Johnson and winegrower Simon Graves. Look for these wine charging into a retailer or bar in your neighborhood soon.

Tasting Note

Deep, ruby red color. The nose presents a dense marriage of black cherries and blackberry with a healthy dose of brown baking spices, dark chocolate, and hints of smoky bacon and cassis. The palate echoes the nose delivering a lush and jammy black fruit-driven core with waves of baking spices and subtle earth tones finishing with soft, chewy tannins. This is bigger and more jammy than your typical Pinot Noir but it is quite vibrant with bright acidity and framing tannins that provide ideal balance.

How to Serve

Open and pour into a glass. Drink after work or pair it with grilled meats or tomato sauce-based dishes.

Price: $ 19.99

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