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Don Q Signature Release/Single Barrel 2007 Rum

Product Story

This Signature Release, single-barrel Rum is the second in Don Q's series of single-barrel releases. Like the 2005 single-barrel, the 2007 is very limited so get your bottle(s) while you can. I first tasted this Rum from the cask roughly 10 months ago and I was blown away — I still am. This is one of the finest Rums that I have ever tasted and considering it is a single cask we will never experience these precise flavors again. Like the 2005, this is an aged Rum for lovers of wood aged spirits and I see this having a great crossover appeal with Whiskey and Brandy drinkers. It's a beautiful brown spirit that transcends category.

Brand Story

In 1934, the Don Q brand is created. The name pays homage to fictional character Don Quixote. Don Q is the second best known Rum brand from Puerto Rico in the minds of many American consumers while in Puerto Rico Don Q rules. This is an old-school brand that is quietly leading the way in innovation in a number of areas from product development to their stellar environmental initiatives. Don Q has earned a loyal following of those seeking honest, quality Rums.

Tasting Note

Brilliant, deep amber color. The aromatics rise from the glass with the complex essence of aged Rum offering scents of baked orchard fruits with waves of caramel, vanilla bean, brown baking spices, and roasted pineapple flanked by charred oak. The palate echoes the nose delivering a rich but vibrant fruit and spice core with layers of caramel, brown butter, and vanilla with dry oak and leather accents and hints of mineral. Medium to full-bodied with ideal balance thanks to a fresh dose of acidity with an impossibly silky texture and incredible length.

How to Serve

This beautiful Rum needs a little, very little, help right out of the bottle with the addition of just a few drops of water. With water the Rum absolutely blossoms giving you all that it has in the nose and on the palate.

Price: $ 40

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