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Ransom Old Tom Gin

Product Story

Old Tom style Gins are popping up with greater regularity these days. We love the broader palate and lush texture of this style of Gin but often have issue with the wood dominating the subtle flavors that make Gin unique. Ransom has deftly managed the oak in their Old Tom Gin as the wood is merely a part of the tapestry rather than a dominating force. This pot still spirit is made with corn and barley infused with juniper berries, orange peel, lemon peel, coriander seed, cardamom pods, and angelica root. It is aged in French oak wine barrels for a period of six to 12 months. This Gin flirts with perfection.

Brand Story

Ransom Spirits was started by Tad Seestedt in 1997. In the beginning the distillery made small batches of Grappa, Eau de vie and Brandy. In 1999, Ransom began producing small quantities of fine wines. Wine is still an important part of the mission as they craft wines with true varietal character. In 2007 Ransom ventured into grain-based spirits, adding Gin, Whiskey and Vodka to their growing portfolio that included Vermouth. Ransom distills their spirits in a hand-hammered, direct-fired French alembic pot still. This is old-school! Ransom is a true craft producer and we encourage you to seek out their great lineup of products.

Tasting Note

Brilliant, pale copper color. The nose is wonderfully rich and seductive with a blast of sweet pine and juniper filling the nose supported by orange peel, angelica, cardamon, and citrus. The palate is in full accord with the nose delivering a rich and lush core of semisweet spirit with waves of juniper, citrus, and baking spices. Full-bodied and perfectly balanced with the decadent spirit being supported by a generous dose of acidity making it a pleasure to sip while the fine balance of botanicals offer intrigue. This is a superb Old Tom style with that offers countless cocktail possibilities while being a pure joy to sip neat. $39.99 –

How to Serve

This lovely Gin will cause you to look differently at your favorite Gin cocktails. Try this in a classic Tom Collins and experiment with a selection of Vermouths both sweet.

Price: $ 39.99

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