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Nemiroff Vodka

Product Story

Nemiroff Vodka is crafted with select winter wheat and pure water from artesian springs located in their home region of Podilia, Ukraine. This pure and silky Vodka is triple-distilled before undergoing their unique 11 stage filtration process. The resulting Vodka is clean and pure with scents of wet river stones, sweet grains, and ripe orchard fruits.

Brand Story

Nemiroff Vodka was founded in 1872 in a Ukrainian town of Nemyriv. While the Nemiroff is not a household name in America just yet the brand has enjoyed great success in European Duty Free shops and their Vodka is currently sold on five continents. The company boasts the use of their ancient recipe for their classic Vodka that has not changed since their founding. The distillery is located in the Podilia region of Eastern Ukraine known for its thousands of lakes and artesian springs. This water forms the essence of Nemiroff Vodka. The brand has recently become a sponsor of the UFC – a move that should boost their visibility in the USA and beyond.

Tasting Note

Brilliant, crystal clear The nose is ultra clean and pure with scents of wet river stones, chalk, and sweet grain (wheat), with accents of under-ripe pear, dried flowers, and mineral. The palate echoes the nose delivering a rich, wheat-centric core with waves of mineral and citrus zest with supporting notes of white pepper, vanilla bean, and ginger. Medium-bodied with a lovely, silky texture that ideally carries the sweet wheat and mineral notes finishing with a dose of bright acidity and pepper. This lovely wheat Vodka from Ukraine is super versatile and an amazing value as well. $19.99

How to Serve

Sip chilled as it makes a great Vodka Martini or use it in any of your favorite Vodka creations.

Price: $ 19.99

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