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Michelada - Classic

The Michelada is a wildly popular drink in Latin America. If you have ever enjoyed a cool beverage in a local bar in Mexico (A bar filled with tourists sipping frozen cocktails while wearing socks with sandals doesn't count!) you have likely seen this drink up close. It is named for the bartender that is said to have invented the drink, Michel Ésper of the Club Deportivo Potosino in San Luis Potosi. You will notice that our classic recipe, just like the original, does not include tomato juice. If it sounds disgusting it's just because you have never tried it. Trust me, if you enjoy a good Bloody Mary from time to time (and our Bloody Mary recipe is smashing) you will enjoy a fresh Michelada.


12 oz. Beer (we like a fresh pale Mexican Lager)
half a lime
3 dashes of Mexican hot sauce
2 dashes of Worcestershire
2 dashes of Maggi *
Fresh ground black pepper to taste
* Maggi seasoning sauce can be found in any Mexican market.


It's great anytime but if it's a hot summer's day, you hear waves crashing, and you may still be a bit injured from the night before this may be the perfect cocktail.


Add the Mexican hot sauce, Worcestershire, and Maggi to a chilled beer glass. Squeeze the lime half (cut into two pieces) into the glass and drop the limes in. Top with the cold beer. You can salt the rim (like a margarita) if you like and garnish with a lime.


See Our "Turbo" version of the classic that includes Tequila.

Source: Classic - BevX twist

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