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Get to Know Italian Wine Grapes

Learning Wine Should be Easy and Fun

Do you want to learn about wine for FREE?

The BevX MKE Wine Club is the easiest and most independent wine club that you will ever know.

I have been in the beverage industry for decades and one thing has never changed – there are more wine curious than wine experts. Most wine drinkers have a base knowledge of wine but they are not sure how to grow this knowledge. The best way to learn is by tasting and experiencing wines frequently.

The BevX Wine Club will offer simple to follow information on a new wine every month. We do not sell wine but we will point you to a wine shop in your neighborhood that will stock the wine club selection and offer it at a great price. The aim of this wine club is to suggest great wine sold for $15 a bottle and less (many near $10!).

Once a month you will receive an email notice of the new selection. Click, read, and learn then head out to pick up your bottle (or two). There is never an obligation to buy but trust me, you will want to buy these wines. The BevX Wine Club monthly profile will walk you through your own personal tasting. It couldn’t be easier and again, it’s free.

All you have to do is join. Be sure to click the link on the confirmation email arriving shortly.

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