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Molinari Sambuca Extra Liqueur

Product Story

From package to aromatics and of the course the taste the Molinari Sambuca extra is thick with authenticity. Molinari is the world's #1 selling Sambuca. Created in 1945 by Angelo Molinari and since that fateful day the recipe has remained a closely guarded family secret entrusted to just one family in each generation. This is Italy's best-selling liqueur and the Molinari brand is demanded around the globe. In a time when fads are born only to be dismissed and replaced at an alarming rate it's both comforting and inspiring to experience a product like Molinari Sambuca extra.

Brand Story

Angelo Molinari was a spirits merchant Civitavecchia (a seaport town about 80 km west-north-west of Rome), Italy when he created the now famous Molinari Sambuca in 1945. In the 1950s and 60s Molinari's Sambuca was the preferred after dinner drink of the rich and famous including Sophia Loren and Frank Sinatra. In 1970 Molinari Sambuca was declared "Extra" denoted its superior quality by Italian Judge Peruzzini. Other brands have since adopted the moniker "extra" but only Molinari has the official Judgment. Angelo passed away in 1975 leaving the company and the legacy to his family. Today Angelo's children and grandchildren carefully guard the secret recipe and produce their liqueurs with the same standards set in 1945.

Tasting Note

Crystal clear with incredible viscosity. The Molinari Sambuca extra pours like oil! Pure, fresh anise seeds dominate the aromatics but there are many, subtle underlying notes that emerge such as kaffir lime leaf, fenugreek, and green peppercorns. The palate confirms the nose delivering a pure and potent anise focused blast of flavor with just enough sugar to tame the fiery spice notes. While this great liqueur is slightly over-proof you never feel any of the alcohol heat. It's beautifully intense in the nose and on the palate as it somehow manages to be refreshing and vibrant despite its richness.

How to Serve

This great liqueur is best enjoyed straight, after dinner. It's also great alongside caffé Italiano or pour it in your demitasse cup after finishing your espresso to add a hint of coffee. If you like your on ice do be aware that the crystal clear liquid will become milky while the taste will remain the same.

Price: $ 25.99

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