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Carpano Antica Formula Sweet Vermouth

Product Story

It's no wonder that bartenders both seasoned and wet behind the ears are and have been gushing over the Carpano Antica Formula. In a time when the term "classic" is thrown about indiscriminately it is without a doubt that this is a classic. It's simply perfect with rich complex flavors and unsurpassed style. No serious cocktail bar is complete without the Carpano Antica. Nothing beats the original.

Brand Story

The Carpano story begins in Turin in 1786 when Antonio Benedetto Carpano, a trained herbalist, invented the formula for the now famous Carpano Antica combining herbs and spices with muscatel virtually launching the Vermouth category. He soon developed a following. Carpano’s wine shop was situated just opposite the Royal Palace and, confident of the appeal of his new product, he sent a crate of vermouth to King Vittorio Amedeo III. The king took such an immediate liking to the drink and he adopted it as one of the royal household. In 1820 the Carpano brand was formally launched along with a new production facility. In 1982 Fratelli Branca Distillerie acquired 50% of Carpano and in 2001 production was transferred to Milan where it remains. The brand offers four unique products: Bianco, Dry (the latest), Antica Formula, and Punt e Mes.

Tasting Note

Brilliant, crystal clear. The nose is incredibly complex and pleasing offering scents of orange marmalade, sour cherries, raspberry, allspice, clove, buckwheat honey, bark, mango chutney, and Earl Grey tea. The palate is in full accord with the nose delivering waves of fruit, spice, and herbs that become more dry and tart on the finish. Rich and full-bodied delivering generous fruit flavors with vibrant spice and citrus notes that provide balance and structure.

How to Serve

Of course, this is a wonderful beverage in need of nothing but a glass. You can utilize the Carpano Antica to create your best Manhattan ever and it's also fabulous in the classic Negroni. Pour this over cut berries with a bit of sugar for an unexpected treat.

Price: $ 29.99

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