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Herradura Colección de la Casa Reserva 2015, Directo de Alambique Silver, 100% Agave Tequila

Product Story

This tremendous Tequila is the fourth edition in Tequila Herradura’s small-batch tequila series. While the others focused on fancy wood finishes this expression showcases Tequila "in the raw" taken straight from the still. Just one sip and you will be asking yourself, "Who needs wood?" It's absolutely terrific in every way and worth every penny of the asking price.

Brand Story

Back in the dark, dark ages of the 1980s when Tequila sold in export markets was typically cheap and cringe-worthy you knew you were in the right spot if you saw Herradura's iconic squared bottle on the back bar. No one was really sure what agave was at the time but all who ventured to try this exotic nectar knew that it was good. Casa Herradura still uses only the most mature blue agave and artisanal methods, such as slow cooking the agave in traditional clay ovens and fermenting naturally with wild yeast. It's simply a classic.

Tasting Note

Brilliant, crystal clear. The nose is wonderfully expressive and complex offering scents of sweet baked agave, tart lemon candy, lime zest, sautéed nopales, and poblano pepper with hints of black peppercorns and coriander. The palate is in full agreement with the nose delivering a lush and beautiful agave-filled core with flanking notes of spice, citrus, and hints of sea salt. This is a full-bodied plus Tequila bottled over-proof while still being perfectly balanced, tantalizingly viscous, and dare I say delicate.

How to Serve

This fine Tequila can be sipped straight or on the rocks. I would keep any cocktail preparation simple perhaps opting for two ounces of the Tequila with half an ounce each of agave honey and fresh limejuice shaken and strained.

Price: $ 89.99

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