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Christian Drouin Blanche de Normande Eau-de-Vie-de-Cidre

Product Story

Distilled from apple and pear ciders and then rested in stainless steel as opposed to oak. It's rested for 18 months with water being gradually added in order for it to fully integrate with the pure spirit. It's absolutely wonderful and amazing to smell and sip the pure Normandy fruit in its natural form. It's delicate while being incredibly fully of flavor offering layers of vibrant fruit.

Brand Story

Christian Drouin Sr. bought a quaint country house set amongst orchards in Gonneville in the heart of Calvados Pays d'Auge in Normandy, France. He soon discovered that the price he could obtain for the apples he harvested would barely cover the cost of the harvest. His friend had a mobile still and advised on how to press the apples into cider and distill the cider into Brandy. Drouin Sr. had no previous experience but he did have good taste and had a great appreciation for quality wine and spirits. This, too, was his guide. The younger Christian Drouin is said to have contracted the Calvados virus from his father. While the stocks of incredible Calvados grew vintage after vintage, Christian knew that he must grow the reputation of Calvados and find customers for the great Brandy first in France and then the world. He succeeded. When I first met Christian Drouin well more than a decade ago he transmitted the Calvados appreciation virus to me and I've never been the same.

Tasting Note

Brilliant, crystal clear. Incredibly fresh with ripe, crisp apple and pear, sweet fresh press juice, and hints of citrus. The palate carries the nose being decidedly sweeter allowing it to fill the mouth with ripe apple and pear flavors and to linger on for minutes. Medium-bodied with rich fruit and crisp acidity that keeps it perfectly balanced.

How to Serve

Sip neat or over ice as either an aperitif or a digestif. I'm told that the team at CD loves a "Dry Martini à la Blanche de Normandie." It's simple and delicious – 2.5 oz. la Blanche, .5 Oz dry vermouth, stir over ice and strain into a chilled cocktail glass garnished with an apple slice.

Price: $ 48.99

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