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Pierre Croizet VS Cognac

Product Story

In another life, or maybe it was just a decade ago, I spent a good deal of time navigating through the Cognac region in search of quality Cognac that exuded some sense of a point of view. It was in this time period that I first became a fan of Croizet. The House of Croizet was founded in 1805 and has been long considered to be special among those in the know. The VS is their entry level Cognac and it clearly shows their intent. The VS is far more nuanced and rich than the typical VS on the market and offers a great chance to sip a youthful Brandy with mature edges.

Brand Story

The firm of Pierre Croizet tells a familiar story of generations of dedication in the region first as growers and then distillers. Their vineyard, primarily planted in the commune of Triac Lautrait, in the Fin Bois AOC encompasses 30 hectares. They practice organic farming and traditionally harvest early to ensure that the fruit’s natural acidity is maintained. It’s vital that the pure, unaged eau de vie be complex and balanced. The aging process is carried out in traditional oak casks coopered from selected wood from the forests of Troncais or Limousin. Pierre Croizet offers a complete range starting with the VS featured here to an XO and their rare “Excellence.”

Tasting Note

Brilliant, crystal clear. The nose is incredibly floral with waves of ripe and baked orchard fruits, wild honey, pale caramel, roasted almonds, vanilla bean, and orange peel. The palate echoes the nose delivering waves of fruit beautifully intertwined with spice, caramel, and wild flowers that linger for minutes and finishes with hints of nutmeg and allspice. Medium-bodied with perfect balance flawlessly marrying mature wood-aged notes with vibrant youthful Cognac notes.

How to Serve

Sip neat or use it in your favorite Cognac cocktails such as the Sidecar.

Price: $ 31.99

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