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anCnoc cutter Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Product Story

The anCnoc "Cutter" is part of their peaty collection that features seven unique malts each named for a different tool using in the harvesting of peat. The Cutter is a tool used for cutting peat from drier and shallower bogs. The Cutter is the "peatiest" of the range. With that said, it is in no way aggressively peaty and its modest 20.5 ppm (parts per million) of peat phenol is perfectly married into the classic anCnoc spirit. To put it in context it is less than half as peaty as the standard Ardbeg bottling. We absolutely love it.

Brand Story

anCnoc, formerly known as Knockdhu, has been the preferred name of the Single malt by this old Highland distillery since 1994 one hundred years after its founding. The site for the distillery was chosen for its excellent water source at the foot of the Knock Hill. The Knockdhu distillery has carried on production nearly continuously since its founding with brief interruptions in the 1930s and again in the 1980s. anCnoc offers a wide range of age-statement and non age-statement Whiskies, as well as vintage range. The style is intentionally lighter and more delicate than the typical Highland malt.

Tasting Note

Brilliant, pale straw color. The nose is very expressive with the expected wave of thick, phenolic peat smoke met by anCnoc's classic scents of honey, butterscotch, toasted grain, roasted nuts, and ripe orchard fruits. The palate fully concurs with the nose as the juicy apples and pears take center stage with waves of peat smoke, lovely brown spices, and rich malt notes that show accents of salinity and citrus on the finish. Medium to full-bodied with generous fruit and malt supported with loads of peat and spice while delivering perfect balance and a lush texture.

How to Serve

Sip neat with a splash of water in a Whisky glass. It's hard to stop sipping this one so be careful.

Price: $ 79

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