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Gautier Gold & Blue XO Cognac

Product Story

Gautier is a great old Cognac house with a history spanning 10 generations. Gautier's cellars are located in a former mill along the River Osme. This location benefits from a natural humidity that aids in the maturation of these great Cognacs in the casks. Gautier says that the "Gold" in the moniker represents the sun while the "Blue" the influencing river that flanks their property. Like the VSOP this tremendous Cognac is created with spirits from four of Cognac's great crus and then aged for 20 years in oak. It was well worth the wait.

Brand Story

The Gautier’s were making spirits and casks from the Troncais forest in the Charente in the 16th century. The family’s Cognac from was officially founded in 1755 with a Royal warrant signed by King Louis XV. The Gautier family established their firm in a former watermill in Aigreon the Osme river, nicknamed the "Little Venice" of Charente. The Gautier style is fruit focused offering complex and generous flavors blending eau-de-vie from four of Cognac’s famous crus.

Tasting Note

Brilliant, deep amber color. The aromatics are simply amazing offering a marriage of fruit and spice that can only be found in an elite spirit with extended aging. Scents of cinnamon accented baked fruits, rich caramel, and dried tropical fruits fill the nose supported by dark chocolate, earth, leather, mineral, and oak. The palate fully concurs with the nose delivering a lush and decadent fruit-centric core with gorgeous flanking notes of brown baking spice, toffee, cocoa, vanilla, and toasted oak. Full-bodied with a lush, creamy core balanced with acid, spice, and delicate citrus zest accents.

How to Serve

Sip neat after dinner, near a roaring fire, and preferably with your best friends.

Price: $ 134.99

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