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Christian Drouin XO Calvados, Pays d’Auge

Product Story

This is a real beauty showing what Calvados can be with a few years of maturation seamlessly integrating oak and spice into the fold while keeping the fresh apple notes alive. The XO is made with a blend of double distilled Calvados aged 8 to 15 years in small casks.

Brand Story

Christian Drouin Sr. bought a quaint country house set amongst orchards in Gonneville in the heart of Calvados Pays d'Auge in Normandy, France. He soon discovered that the price he could obtain for the apples he harvested would barely cover the cost of the harvest. His friend had a mobile still and advised on how to press the apples into cider and distill the cider into Brandy. Drouin Sr. had no previous experience but he did have good taste and had a great appreciation for quality wine and spirits. This, too, was his guide. The younger Christian Drouin is said to have contracted the Calvados virus from his father. While the stocks of incredible Calvados grew vintage after vintage, Christian knew that he must grow the reputation of Calvados and find customers for the great Brandy first in France and then the world. He succeeded. When I first met Christian Drouin well more than a decade ago he transmitted the Calvados appreciation virus to me and I've never been the same.

Tasting Note

Brilliant golden to copper color. The aromatics are amazingly fresh and vibrant with scents of fresh apple juice and cider, caramelized apples, baked stone fruits, toasted almonds, brown baking spices, and a splash of vanilla. The palate is equally youthful and mature delivering layers of ripe fruit, spice, mineral, a fine salinity, and trailing floral notes, with cinnamon heat, vanilla bean, and oak on the finish. Medium to full-bodied with layers of ripe fruit and generous portions of spice, vanilla, and oak.

How to Serve

Sip neat in a Brandy glass after dinner or at any special occasion.

Price: $ 126.99

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