National Jerky Day – June 12

National Jerky Day

Just in case you were too busy with life we wanted you to aware that today – June 12 – is National Jerky Day.

Jerky is the carnivore’s ultimate protein snack. Jerky is lightweight and easy to carry making it the ultimate long-haul flight snack.

Many brands are available in your local mini-mart and if you are lucky, your local butcher offers his own house-made jerky. My local butcher makes some of the best damn jerky I have ever tasted.

The word jerky is derived from the Spanish word charqui, which came from the Quechua word ch’arki, which means to burn. Of course jerky as we now know it is not burnt rather salted and dried.

Jerky is typically made from beer but it can be made from nearly any meat or even fish.

My beverage of choice with beef jerky is a crisp lager beer like a Pilsner.

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