Understanding the Solera Process

When you read about Sherry and Brandy de Jerez you will undoubtedly encounter the term Solera. Increasingly we also seeing solera on the labels of others spirits such as Rum. Also, Italy’s famous Balsamic vinegar – the good versions – are aged in a similar process. A solera is a unique aging method that blends younger wines or spirits with older in order to... read more

Hosting Burns Night – Whisky & Joy

Hosting a Burns Night in your home can be easy and fun. Let’s face it, a night of Scottish poems and songs accompanied by Scotch Whisky is a great way to beat the winter blues. If you are adventurous perhaps you might want to make our modern haggis recipe. The Whisky For many Whisky is the star of the show for Burns Night. You... read more

Robert Burns & The Burns Supper

For the Scots, Robert Burns is a national treasure and their greatest poet. Sadly, much of world is vaguely familiar with his name at best while most know one of his works, Auld Lang Syne (clue, think New Year’s Eve). Much of his work was composed in the Scots Lowland dialect (a dialect of Gaelic) and even his more “international” works were written in... read more

Parker Beam, Bourbon Legend Passes at age 75

It’s with great sadness that I must report that we have lost one of the good ones. Parker Beam, a legend in the Bourbon world and a great man, has passed at the age of 75 after a greater than six year battle with ALS. Parker waged his battle with ALS courageously and publicly, raising great sums of research funds via his Parker Beam... read more

A Sparkling Wine Primer

Bubbly is welcomed on any day and at any hour. If you are waiting for a special occasion to enjoy a glass of bubbly you need to make some serious life changes today! Bubbly can make any day feel like a celebration and I can’t imagine kicking off a dinner with friends without bubbly. Of course, many will continue to associate bubbly with weddings,... read more

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