Sampling Wine Bars (Enoteca) in Rome

Enoteca is an Italian word derived from old Greek that literally means, wine repository. The old tradition of the enoteca was created to give visitors to Italy’s many regions a chance to taste the local wines at cheap prices before buying. Today, most enotecas are independently owned and operated just like any other bar or restaurant. However, the traveling wine lover will be pleasantly... read more

Exploring the World of Brandy

Brandy is a rather broad category. In simple terms Brandy is a Spirit made by distilling wine or any fermented fruit juice. The alcohol strengths vary and some Brandies are aged in wood while others remain as clear as they were as they left the still. The history of Brandy surely flows along side the history of distillation. By nature Brandy and wine have... read more

Five Weird Ways Prohibition Still Exists Today

This great story by Angela Logomasini is reposted from Learn Liberty – a great free society website. See their post with images here. You would think that more than 80 years after the 21st Amendment repealed Prohibition, policymakers would have eliminated senseless restrictions on the sale of wine, beer, and spirits. Unfortunately, it isn’t so: state alcohol regulations carry on Prohibition’s legacy to this... read more

The Game – 51st Super Bowl

It’s here! No typical Sunday Funday this week, no way, it’s Super Sunday. Last year we celebrated the milestone 50th Super Bowl. While the viewers did not break a record, it was the third most watched Super Bowl in history. One’s 51st birthday may not get quite the attention of the 50th but this year the movement is growing for the day following the... read more

BevX Scotch Whisky Basics Infographic

In our fast-paced, short attention span world we now live in it’s often helpful to present a complex subject in a simple, visual form. In order to make Scotch Whisky easy we have created our BevX Scotch Whisky Basics Infographic. Feel free to download this handy infographic and share it with your friends. BevX Scotch Whisky Basics Infographic For this seeking a deeper look at... read more

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