• Allaire Privée Rum

    Crystal clear. The nose is quite interesting as it delivers sweet sugar notes alternatively with dense earthy tones and subtle tropical notes. The palate somewhat follows the lead the nose provided delivering a sweet and hot core with subtle mineral and earth notes that become dry and slightly woody on the finish. Medium-bodied with hot and dry notes that envelop the subtle fruit notes. $105 – 2 Stars

  • Blue Chair Bay Coconut Flavored Rum

    Perfectly crystal clear. The nose is unmistakably coconut with sweet coconut filling the air with notes of sweet pineapple juice, vanilla, and peach in support. The palate is in full agreement with the nose as sweet coconut notes dominate the viscous, candied core. A bright addition to tropical cocktails begging to be paired with a generous addition of fresh lime juice. $18 – 3 Stars

  • Blue Chair Bay White Rum

    Perfectly crystal clear. The nose is dry and vibrant with subtle tropical fruit notes ranging from dried pineapple to flaked coconut flesh with accents citrus zest and subtle notes of sugarcane spirit and vanilla bean. The palate echoes the nose with enough tropical fruits and vanilla to offer weight with a generous dose of bright acidity that makes this rum ideal for cocktails. Medium-bodied $18 – 3 Stars

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