• Roaming Man Tennessee Straight Rye Whiskey

    Brilliant, deep copper with hints of burgundy. The nose is incredibly intense offering a dense core of rich caramel with waves of vanilla cream, butterscotch, and brown baking spices with accents of black pepper, cigar box, and toasted oak. The palate echoes the nose delivering a lush caramel and brown butter core with loads of spice, oak, and dried red fruits. Full-bodied with decadent flavors that linger on the palate for minutes finishing with pepper and bright acidity. It's an unforgettable Rye. $45 – 4.5 Stars

  • Old Forester 100 Proof Straight Rye Whiskey

    Brilliant, deep copper color. The nose is explosive with waves of rich caramel and sassafras with accents of wild flowers, citrus zest, allspice, and subtle hints of dried red berries. The palate confirms the nose delivering a lush yet spicy brown sugar and brown spice core with flanking notes of black pepper, nutmeg, baked orchard fruits, and vibrant citrus notes. Full-bodied with intense raw sugar notes foiled by loads of spice, oak, and generous acidity. A steal in the Rye Whiskey category. Add a generous drop or two of water to get the full aromatic and flavor experience. $22.99 – 4.5 Stars

  • Clyde May's Straight Rye Whiskey

    Brilliant amber color. The nose is vibrant offering scents of honeycomb, dried fruits, and vanilla bean with accents of star anise, dried flowers, leather, and black pepper. The palate echoes the nose delivering a rich, dried fruit core with waves of dried orange peel, loads of brown baking spices, and butter biscuits. Full-bodied with generous fruit and spice notes kept in balance by a bright dose of acidity that creates a dry, peppery finish. Aged for three-plus years, the Clyde May's Rye is great addition to the lineup. $44.99 – 4.5 Stars

  • Straight Edge Bourbon Whiskey

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    Brilliant, deep mahogany color. The nose is wonderfully complex offering generous scents of sweet toasted grains, allspice, nutmeg, caramel, honey, and vanilla bean with hints of red fruits. The palate fully confirms the nose delivering a rich grain and fruit core (the red fruits really pop here) with supporting notes of brown baking spices, toasted oak, and honey. Full-bodied being silky while bold with a long and complex palate that is ideally balanced thanks to a bright dose of acidity. Straight Edge is made with a blend of Bourbons ranging in age from five to eight years. $49.99 – 4.5 Stars

  • Whip Saw Rye Whiskey

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    Brilliant, deep amber/mahogany color. The nose instantly reveals that this is not your typical Rye Whiskey. Beautiful scents of vanilla cream, red cherry, caramelized sugar, candied citrus zest, and hints of tropical fruits. The palate fully concurs with the nose delivering a core with sweet grains soaked with ripe red fruits supported by caramel, oak, fruit cake, and spicy rye accents. Full-bodied and damn intriguing as the wine casks essentially turn this Whiskey into a ready-to-drink cocktail tasting like a well crafted Manhattan. Made with Rye Whiskies aged up to seven years and then finished in wine seasoned French oak barrels. $49.99 – 4 Stars

  • Partner Sweet Vermouth

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    Brilliant deep ruby color. The nose is fruit forward with scents of ripe red berries filling the nose supported by accents of smoke, brown spices, dried herbs, and bitter earth notes. The palate echoes the nose delivering silky, ripe red cherries with tart fruits and wave after wave of dried and herbs and toasted spices with hints of sandalwood and anise. Medium-bodied with a vibrant and ripe fruity core that is balanced with complex herbal and spice accents. $25 – 4 Stars

  • Slaughter House American Whiskey

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    Brilliant amber color with hints of ruby. On the first nosing the red fruits rise from the glass followed by scents of sweet, toasted grain, oak, red currant, honey, and brown baking spices. The palate echoes the nose delivering a rich and robust corn Whiskey core with loads of red fruits, spice, toffee, and caramel. Full-bodied with a silky and sweet fruit and grain center with waves of spice and caramel. The Slaughter House Whiskey is made from primarily corn (85%) then aged in American oak for nine years before being finished in French oak that previously held a red Bordeaux style wine. $39.99 – 4.5 Stars

  • Old Forester 1910 Old Fine Whisky Kentucky Straight Bourbon

    Brilliant deep copper with hints of gold. The nose is rich and generous with waves of butterscotch, wood, nutmeg, and apricot with hints of deep caramel. The palate echoes the nose with a lovely fruit and toffee-driven core supported by accents of brown baking spices, red currants, sweet grains, and baked apple. Full-bodied with a lush and silky core that finishes dry with vibrant spice and wood notes. The 1910 Old Fine has undergone a second barreling in a lightly toasted, heavily charred barrel. The resulting Whiskey has bold wood and burnt sugar accents to be sure. $54.99 – 4 Stars

  • Old Forester Birthday - 2018 12 Years Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon

    Brilliant, rich mahogany with a hint of orange. The nose is incredibly fruity ranging from baked pears and apples to black cherry with waves of honey, Earl Grey tea, charred oak, roasted nuts, and toffee. The palate echoes the nose delivering a lush and robust fruit and caramel-centric core with supporting notes of brown baking spices, honey, and citrus zest. Full-bodied with ideal balance and an amazing depth of flavor that keeps building towards the 30 second finish. One of our favorite Birthday releases to date. $99.99 – 5 Stars

  • Ransom Dry Gin

    Brilliant, crystal clear. The nose is amazingly aromatic with the scents of juniper and fresh wild berries leaping from the glass on a sea of rich, malty spirit. Accents of citrus, hops, and coriander offer generous support. The palate echoes the nose delivering a rich and dense malt spirit core with citrus and seed tannins on the mid palate giving way to lighter, more floral botanicals on the finish. Full-bodied and quite intense as the sweet aromatic nose leads to a dry and chewy core with botanicals galore. Stylistically this Gin is in a camp of its own possessing the sweet malt core of a Genever with the assertive botanicals portioned in the mold of a craft Beer IPA. $29.99 – 4 Stars

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