Beer Styles

Beer Styles, Ales and Lagers...

Beer Styles, Ales and Lagers…

It is hard to imagine that there is anyone alive that is unaware of the great many styles of Beers available in their local mart or tavern. They probably won’t be able to rattle off the names and “definitions” of every style but they can likely quote a healthy list of their favorites. Beer is no longer “just a beer” as beverage enthusiasts seek Beers by style or country and often show seasonal preferences.

For the purpose of examination and organization we have listed the Beers on BevX by style. Often Beer is organized by country of origin, which is also a good and legitimate method. The best argument for organizing a listing of Beers by style is that brewers everywhere are making Beers that emulate classic styles from around the globe. Often these individual Beers have more in common with the original than they do with other Beers from their respective country (or perhaps other Beers in a brand’s portfolio).

On the other hand, the entire style issue is a messy subject. We challenge anyone to give us a solid, never fail definition of Pale Ale, IPA, or any other style. Keep in mind that we are no stickler in regards to style and would rather the brewer concentrate on making the best Beer possible and damn the rest. In other words, we have little interest in snobbish arguments of style definitions! It’s never a good idea to set-up shop on shifting sands.

There are dozens of recognized Beer styles but we chose to focus on these 20.


 The Beer Styles

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