The Five Most Popular Cocktails of 2015

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Top Five Cocktail @ in 2015

Since the earliest days of and our weekly newsletter, The Aperitif, our Cocktail of the Week page is always in the top three of most viewed pages for the week. I have always thought that there are a lot more voyeurs out there than home bartenders. That’s okay – some people just take a little time to get into the action.

A further surprise continues to be the popularity of some cocktails at The classic cocktails always receive a lot of looks but the cocktails that are slightly off-beat really get peoples’ attention. It’s fun to see how many people pull up cocktail recipes on Friday and Saturday night – the traditional leisure nights.

Just for fun we have complied a list of the top five, most popular cocktails at in 2015.

Top Five Cocktails for 2015

  1. El Diablo
  2. The Confessional
  3. Algonquin Cocktail
  4. Parisian Cocktail
  5. Silk Apple


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