Spring Cocktails 2018

Cocktails in Spring (Playa Sunset)

Cocktails in Spring (Playa Sunset)

What to drink? By the time spring rolls around I’m tired of thinking about drinks in terms of – what will warm the bones and take the chill out of the air?

I’m a seasonal drinker (and eater) and I don’t think that I’m alone. Restaurants change their menus from season to season for just this very reason. We crave different things in winter than we do in the August heat. It’s natural. When spring arrives it brings more than just higher temperatures, it brings optimism.

We live in a place where we have four distinct seasons and I love it that way. Having previously lived where the seasons blurred into to each other I greatly love the passing of time and the year segmented into seasons, each with a personality all its own.

Today I submit my contribution to the season, the BevX Spring Cocktail List. The only catch is that you will have make these yourself!

The BevX Spring Cocktail List

  • Daiquiri –  A classic cocktail is always welcome and this one is lovely in spring and equally satisfying in summer. See the Story and get the Recipe
  • Americano –  When spring reminds you of sitting in an Italian cafe or Apéritvo bar your are definitely doing something right. See the Story and get the Recipe
  • Rosé Punch – Whenever winter continues and spring is just a hope we can’t help but to think of spring. See the Story and get the Recipe
  • Bee’s Knees – Is there a food item that says spring more than honey? I think not, so this great and simple cocktail is always on our spring menu. See the Story and get the Recipe
  • Playa Sunset – Perhaps the beach is more of a summer destination but you can surely start dreaming of beach holidays on sunny days in spring. See the Story and get the Recipe

Are you in need of more spring inspiration? Check out our spring cocktail suggestions from last year – here.

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