• East India Cocktail

    The name congers images of world-trade, opium wars, rebellion, and nights on the high seas. Those were the days... The East India Cocktail appeared in Harry Johnson's Bartender's Manual in 1882. This version is Brandy based as well with the addition of aged Rum...
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  • Brandy Crusta

    This is a great old, classic cocktail. It is the perfect improvement on the first cocktails that were simply booze (often Brandy), sugar, and bitters with water. I'm constantly asking bartenders to stop tinkering with old recipes but in this case it's a pure sma...
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  • Brandy Alexander

    At times there is nothing like an "Old School" cocktail made without embellishment. The Brandy Alexander evokes visions and the mood of cocktail parties long disbanded but one I would love to attend from time to time. One of the greatest things about our curren...
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  • Wisconsin Supper Club Old Fashioned

    The Old Fashioned is a drink with a serious identity crisis. Classic cocktails have been rediscovered and much effort has been made to banish the influences of the 1907's. The original Old Fashioned - or dare I say the Old Fashioned Old Fashioned is a simple co...
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