• La Paloma

    Most people assume that the Margarita is the national cocktail of Mexico. Well, it’s not – it's the Paloma. La Paloma (the dove in Spanish) is just about the most refreshing cocktail on the planet. It’s super easy to construct and when the sun’s heat is...
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  • Purple Rain

    This simple cocktail (yes I know it requires making a special tea) came to me after a weekend party. At the party we made a cocktail featured on Rick Bayless’ TV show. Chef Bayless made a cocktail that included Jamaica tea (hibiscus) along with Tequila, orange...
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  • El Diablo

    When I offer this cocktail to guests the inevitable question is heard, "Is this spicy?" A logical question with a name like El Diablo. However the name is in reference to the bright red color. The devil never seemed so soothing and gentle as the El Diablo cockta...
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  • Playa Sunset

    Playa del Carmen is a great and easy beach destination. The sea air and bright sun conspire to lull you into a mañana state of mind. While at the beach I am always blessed with the duty of bartender. While the margarita is the default cocktail of choice, I use...
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  • The Perfect Margarita

    Nothing says summer like the margarita. Remember that no great Margarita can be made with inferior Tequila. Some may argue that the best in any category of Spirits should be relegated to a solo performer but in the case of Tequila, and the Margarita, this is sim...
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  • Cinco de Mayo

    On dedicated party days, you need a drink that you can sip rather than gulp. Getting through the day with pleasure and great flavors is paramount but keeping your wits is a good idea as well. This cocktail offers plenty of fresh, fruity, and semi-tart flavors....
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  • Mint Julio

    Sometimes cocktail ideas arrive in the oddest of situations. Years ago I accompanied my friend Jacques Bezuidenhout - Partida Tequila Brand Ambassador - to a local radio appearance. While sipping a few Tequilas in the 'green' room we were talking about the upcom...
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