• Caorunn Winter Spices Gin and Tonic

    Caorunn, the great Scottish Gin, has shared this festive recipe with us. It's a great way to still be refreshed by the classic Gin and Tonic while also sipping a bit of holiday cheer with the addition of rich, brown spices. This is a great holiday party cocktail...
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  • Aviation Cocktail

    This classic cocktail is named for the once glamorous mode of transportation. It beckons to a time when the friendly skies were indeed friendly, the flight attendants were eye-catching and well appointed, the food (yes, they once fed you) was impeccable, and yo...
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  • Campo de' Fiori

    Everyone loves a great French 75, don't they? If you know someone that doesn't love a good French 75 reconsider the friendship. Like all great cocktails there are countless variations – some good and some bad. (If the French 75 and the Negroni had a baby – i...
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  • Martini - BevX take on the original

    How have we gone so long without addressing the kingpin of all cocktails, the Martini? This cocktail, more than any other perhaps, is the subject of debate and a serious victim of identity theft. Let’s first deal with the identity theft issue. A Martini is ma...
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  • Bee's Knees

    This great and tasty classic cocktail dates back to Prohibition days. The slang term meaning "the best" is perhaps out of date for some but the drink is always welcomed. It is widely believed that this recipe was created to mask the harsh flavors of bad and perh...
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  • Orange Blossom

    This is a sophisticated Gin & Juice or variant of the classic screwdriver. It's appeal is its simplicity and the Gin adds much more to the drink than Vodka and when served on ice it's a drink that you can enjoy for hours at a party.

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  • Vesper

    The perfect cocktail when you are trying to channel your inner Bond. This simple yet refreshing and tasty cocktail first appeared in Ian Flemming's Casino Royal novel in 1953. To be precise, this is how Bond called for the drink, “Three measures of Gordon’s,...
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  • Parisian Cocktail

    This great cocktail has nearly gone extinct, forgotten by most cocktail drinkers and bartenders alike. It is one of the great classic cocktails that rely on just three ingredients. We love cocktails that celebrate simplicity. This cocktail made more sense to me...
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  • French 75 - Classic version

    This classic cocktail has the dubious reputation of being among the most potent cocktails ever created. The crisp and refreshing combination of Gin, sparkling wine, and lemon passes the lips with ease but can certainly leave your head in the clouds. The unique n...
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  • The Confessional

    There's always room for one more tasty Gin cocktail so here it is. I call it The Confessional to give a nod to the integral splash of Benedictine included but also for the truth serum like qualities of this elixir. The botanicals in the Gin marry perfectly wit...
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