• Louisville Cooler

    Bourbon is a great and versatile spirit ready to sip straight form the bottle or as the base of a great cocktail. The Louisville Cooler is an often-overlooked drink in Bourbon's bag of tricks and that's a shame. This tasty cocktail is both refreshing and satisf...
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  • Smiling Jack-O-Lantern

    What is autumn without pumpkin? I don't know either but it just wouldn't be right. This simple cocktail is ideal for your Halloween parties and it can also make any Thanksgiving gathering less tedious.

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  • Mint Julep

    There is perhaps no other beverage that is so associated with a sporting and cultural event as is the pairing of the Mint Julep and The Kentucky Derby. Since 1938 Churchill Downs and The Derby have promoted the Mint Julep as the official drink. It is estimated t...
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  • EggNog – BevX Style

    Perhaps there is no other beverage that says Christmas and New Year's like eggnog. This decadently rich beverage is a hallmark of the holiday season and is a guilty indulgence for so many. It is certainly not for everyday drinking! The recipe we offer for eggnog...
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  • Classic Old Fashioned

    The Old Fashioned is a classic cocktail in every sense. It has a rich history and incredible staying power being perhaps more popular today than ever before. The Old Fashioned is believed to have been invented at the Pendennis Club in Louisville, Kentucky in th...
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  • Bluegrass Midnight Warmer

    I dreamed up this cocktail while trying to find a counterpoint to all of the incredibly sweet Apple Martinis that are STILL found in bars today. I knew that it had to offer 'real' apple flavors and the best way that I found to do this was by using apple cider. O...
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  • Commodore - for the 21st century

    Here is another example of Old School meets modern cocktailing and spirits. There are many variations of this cocktail. Troubling is the fact that many of the recipes we uncovered are void of chocolate. Perhaps the silly perception that cocktails with a sweet el...
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  • The City Bourbon

    Bourbon is such a versatile spirit but all too often it is pigeonholed by bartenders and home cocktailers. Bourbon plays very well with fruit flavors and its lush, vanilla-tinged character is the ideal platform for unique spice flavors. The City Bourbon takes e...
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