• The Gautier Cognac Sour

    Regular readers at BevX know that we are subscribers to the theory that less is often more. This cocktail illustrates this point perfectly. Just three ingredients are required while the flavors are certainly more than a sum of its parts.
    The Gautier Cognac...
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  • The Classic Sidecar

    As is the case with so many classic cocktails, no one knows for sure when and where it was invented. We can be pretty comfortable in saying that it was first created at the end of WWI. However, the city of origin is hotly disputed while some historians insist th...
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  • The Jubilant Cherry

    This drink is based on the classic, old-school, Cherries Jubilee that once graced the dessert menu at every posh American restaurant. This cocktail is rich enough to warm the cool and dark winter days while refreshing enough to be sipped in the summer e...
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