• Rosé Punch

    Whenever winter continues and spring is just a hope we can’t help but to think of spring. This great and easy to construct punch is ideal for spring and summer brunch. We like to use a full-flavored Rosé with just a hint of sweetness. Don’t skimp on the Ros...
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  • Knickerbocker

    This classic cocktail is one of the oldest drinks you will find in English print. The exact origins are much fodder for debate. Perhaps it was a signature drink of the old Knickerbocker Boat Club in New York. Regardless of its origins, there is no denying that i...
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  • The City Bourbon

    Bourbon is such a versatile spirit but all too often it is pigeonholed by bartenders and home cocktailers. Bourbon plays very well with fruit flavors and its lush, vanilla-tinged character is the ideal platform for unique spice flavors. The City Bourbon takes e...
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  • An Irishman in Manhattan

    There are countless variations of the classic Manhattan; some good, some bad, and some beyond description. Recently I rediscovered this variation that I mixed up some years ago when asked to make a version utilizing Irish Whiskey. This drink was a great a hit a...
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  • Summer Salutation

    This cocktail is named for its most logical use as a welcoming drink or a way to start the evening as you leisurely wait for the sunset. We all know that Rum and a great orange liqueur marry beautifully and the two juices contrast each other perfectly offering a...
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  • Aged Rum Old Fashioned

    The Old Fashioned is a classic cocktail whose base spirit is Whisky, most often Bourbon. However, in the modern bar many variations exist including the use of Rye, Blended Scotch Whisky, or Brandy. Despite the many different twists, the Old Fashioned always uses...
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  • Bellini

    The Bellini is a very popular, and simple, cocktail that is sadly most often done poorly. Once you have had a genuine Bellini, you won't forget it. It could not be simpler with just two ingredients. Much like the food of Italy, less is more but only when qualit...
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  • Far East Caipirinha

    There is no doubt that the Caipirinha is a madly popular cocktail combining tart refreshing flavors with mental images of the white sand beaches of São Paulo, Brazil. The rise of the Brazilian “Churrasco” steakhouse, which...
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  • The Best Bloody Mary

    Nothing says brunch and/or the morning after like the Bloody Mary. When it’s really needed even a mediocre Bloody Mary is good but a great Bloody Mary sticks in your memory for years. The Bloody Mary is all about the mix. Use a substandard mix and you’ll hav...
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